Mid America Green Industry Council (MAGICouncil)

MAGICouncil was fromed in 1987 to help lawn care and landscape professionals, provide education to landscapers and the general public, participate in legislative issues and promote success and professionalism within our industry. MAGICouncil’s program reflects the Association’s commitment to creating and preserving the beauty of our landscape. The program is designed to reward independent landscape contracting professionals who execute quality landscaping projects and recognize citizens who underwrite such work. MAGICouncil also strives to increase public awareness of environmental improvement through quality landscaping and encourage the landscape contractors’ consistent us of quality materials and workmanship.

Western Nursery and Landscape Association (WESTERN)

WESTERN is a five-state regional association which includes the states of Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and Oklahoma. Established in 1890, the WESTERN was so named because it was west of the Mississippi River.

The Hort NetWORK

The Hort NetWORK is a non-profit organization offering networking and educational opportunities for green industry professionals in Kansas City.