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Yard of the Month

Congratulations to our designer, Brian Stouse, for managing and designing the landscaping of one of our clients residences for them to receive Hallbrook’s community “Yard of the Month”. Well deserved…It looks fabulous! Photo courtesy of Hallbrook Life magazine, August 2016 Edition

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Preparing Your Lawn and Landscape for Winter

As temperatures grow cooler and the days grow shorter, an important change is going on in your landscape. By altering the way they use available nutrients, your lawn, trees and shrubs are building up food reserves for the cold winter ahead. During this time of year, top growth slows down considerably in your plants. Rather…

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Aeration: Get the "Hole" Story

“I never realized aeration could make such a difference in my lawn!” It’s a comment we often hear from homeowners a few months after trying aeration for the first time. Lawns don’t have to be in poor shape to need core aeration. In fact, aeration is an important part of any good lawn care program.…

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Sprinkler System Tip #3

Sprinkler System Tip #3: Water only when needed. Watering too much and too frequently results in shallow roots, weed growth, disease and fungus.

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Sprinkler System Activations

Sprinkler System Activations: We are currently scheduling sprinkler system activations. Contact us at 913-422-9300 x 103 to schedule your activation. Our certified backflow inspectors will perform a head-to-head, zone-by-zone analysis, make appropriate adjustments for optimum coverage, locate/repair leaks & guarantee your system is operating at full performance.

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Watering Tips for New Grass Seed

Your new grass seed requires moisture and favorable temperature ranges for germination. The most important thing to remember is that you must keep the seed moist all the time (not enough water will kill the sprout). It is a commitment to keep your new seed watered correctly, especially immediately following application of seed. If you…

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Core Aeration & Seeding

School is back in session and with that the unofficial start of fall has arrived. You know what that means for us lawn gurus…yes, it’s time to review your needs to renovate or revitalize your lawn. Whether you simply need core aeration, core aeration + overseeding or a complete lawn renovation, the month of September…

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