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Lawn Care Services to Keep Your Yard Beautiful Year Round


Lawn Care Services by a professional company like Landworks, Inc. will keep your yard beautiful year round. Now that the weather is hitting in the 90-degree and above area, lawn care services are probably one of the least favorite chores of many who mow, weed, and more all season long. Each spring, millions of people spend much of their cherished…

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Lawn Care For Outdoor Plants During The Fall and Winter

Lawn care is essential year round – keeping the grass cut, hedges trimmed, flower beds groomed – but lawn care doesn’t stop when it gets colder outside. Your patio and porch plants cannot survive outside and must be brought in during the winter. Landworks, Inc. specializes in all types of lawn care and wants to…

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Lawn Care Overland Park Kansas

Lawn care and the regular removal of fallen leaves at your Overland Park property is necessary in order to let your lawn breath through the winter months. In the fall, the trees are bare and all the tree shade is gone – thus allowing your grass to receive the maximum light it needs to grow and thicken in preparation for winter.…

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Lawn Care Overland Park, KS: How to Get Rid of Grubs

Lawn care and grubs – Every June and July, Landworks Inc. handles calls about lawn care in Overland Park, Kansas – specifically for the treatment of grubs. We see thousands of dollars in damage to non-treated lawns, and that’s why we provide specialized lawn care Overland Park, Kansas grub control services. First, let us tell…

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Lawn Care – Mowing Guidelines, Heights, and Maintenance

Lawn care and mowing season is upon us once again, and Landworks, Inc., has a few tips for you. You deserve quality lawn care for your money. Our team is dedicated and cares about your property. Our mowing guidelines are designed to serve you with the very best in lawn care. Mowing heights and mowing…

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It’s Flower Time!

Mother’s Day is around the corner…which means FLOWER TIME for Landworks! Our fantastic flower installation crews have been busy putting beautiful colors around the city.

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