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A Lawn Fertilizer Service Will Keep Your Grass Green and Control Mosquitoes

Landworks fertilizer service keeps your lawn green, keeps away mosquitoes

Landworks helps our clients beautify and preserve their outdoor lawn and landscapes with quality lawn fertilizer service and products. Keeping your lawn, shrubs and trees in great shape is just one of the professional lawn and landscaping services Landworks provides throughout the Kansas City area. When you keep your lawn fertilized and weed-free, it will…

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Lawn Care Services to Keep Your Yard Beautiful Year Round


Lawn Care Services by a professional company like Landworks, Inc. will keep your yard beautiful year round. Now that the weather is hitting in the 90-degree and above area, lawn care services are probably one of the least favorite chores of many who mow, weed, and more all season long. Each spring, millions of people spend much of their cherished…

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Patio Designs Enhance Your Home, Outdoor Living Space

Summer officially begins in just a few short weeks, and it’s a good time to think about patio designs, especially when planning an outdoor entertainment space. The endless ideas for custom designed paver patios is only limited by your imagination and when in the hands of a skilled professional from Landworks, it can become a…

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A Landscaping Company Will Beautify Your Home With Flowers

Landworks inc landscaping company overland park ks

A professional landscaping company is the way to go when you want your yard to look beautiful with flowers through the spring, summer and fall. There’s no need to worry about what kind of flowers will grow best in your yard – as a landscaping company, like Landworks, located in Kansas City, Kansas, we know…

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Patio Design and Installation Checklist

Having a custom patio design can enhance your backyard and be the envy of all your neighbors. A patio can extend your outdoor living space and provide a relaxing, comfortable atmosphere for entertaining friends and family, or just relaxing on a cool night next to a fire pit. The patio design you choose is dependent…

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Considering an Outdoor Patio?

Are you considering a patio? Spring is upon us and before you know it, summer will be here. Outdoor living, especially with a custom-built patio, is a great way to relax and entertain with family and friends. Landworks has more than 23 years’ experience in the Kansas City and Overland Park, KS area and has…

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Retaining walls – Overland Park – Time to Start Planning

Retaining walls are often a necessary addition to your home for protecting your driveway or lawn from run-off and to help prevent erosion. If the soil around a sloping foundation is washing away, or erosion is compacting an uphill foundation, a retaining wall can help. One of the most important services landscaping and contracting companies…

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